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Come on in and make yourself comfortable! Here at Gini & Albert, we believe in preserving the timeless charm of yesteryears while embracing the innovations of today. Step into our world where elegance meets comfort, where each pair of shoes tells a story of craftsmanship and heritage.

Meet Gini and Albert

Meet the visionaries behind Gini & Albert—Gini and Albert themselves. With their keen eye for design and unwavering commitment to quality, they laid the foundation for our brand's legacy. Their dedication to craftsmanship and comfort continues to inspire us every day.

Meet Keli

Introducing Keli Daniels, the creative force behind Gini & Albert, a groundbreaking footwear brand that pays homage to her family's rich legacy. As an accomplished actor and celebrity stylist, Keli draws inspiration from her grandparents, who were trailblazing designers in the glamorous era of the 50s and 60s.

If you shake Keli’s family tree, shoes will fall from the branches. Her grandparents, true artisans of their time, left an indelible mark with Daniels Shoes in downtown Milwaukee during the vibrant 60s and 70s. Albert, Keli's grandfather and the proud proprietor, was renowned for crafting shoes that embraced both style and comfort, catering to the discerning tastes of Nuns and Nurses alike.

For Keli, the memories of her childhood are woven with the threads of Daniels Shoes – a place where her grandfather's comforting and generous spirit met his fervent dedication to pioneering techniques that brought "more comfort in every foot."

But Keli's journey isn't just about following in her grandparents' entrepreneurial footsteps. It's a personal quest to reconnect with her inner maker and the love of handmade workmanship instilled in her by Gini and Albert. While Gini practiced her art of millinery in the back of the shop in her workshop, Albert was dedicated to his shoe store in the front.

Fast forward to 2020, when Keli embarked on a remarkable journey by launching Gini and Albert. This venture is not merely a business; it's a heartfelt tribute to her grandparents and a mission to bridge a gap she discovered while styling women. Keli saw a need for smart, elegant shoes that seamlessly blend exquisite design with unparalleled comfort.

Gini & Albert seeks to revive the tradition and legacy of her family's generational craft, preserving the heritage of Albert's passion for comfort in footwear. With each meticulously crafted pair, Keli proudly carries the torch forward, passing on the legacy one well-cushioned shoe at a time.